The Nitty Gritty of Me

Well, the real Nitty Gritty is that I come from a family of wild and crazy artists that can find anything lying around and just "know" that we can paint on it, re-arrange it, change it, glue it, stuff it or just admire it.  Our garages are filled with great finds and I, myself, have tried many, many mediums of art.
When I first saw Zentangles and Zentangled Inspired Art (ZIA) I was mesmerized by the simplicity (repetitious strokes) and complexity (as it appears when complete) of this awesome and welcomed art form.  Of course, being the adventurer I am, I gave it a try.  And wa-la, here I am, a year later and getting ready to teach an art that I absolutely love!

Now of course, nothing I find in all my outings is any safer from me now!  I just picture it with Zentangle patterns all over it and it just seems to follow me home!

The greatest thing about Zentangles (other than it totally relaxing me as I draw), is that it can be enjoyed by all ages and all talents!  In other words, you do not need ANY art experience what-so-ever!  I promise, you will be as excited as I was the first time I completed my first drawing.

Have questions?  You can email me anytime at: or give me a call at: 256-226-4420.